Panned AEW Segment “Well Received” Backstage


Powerhouse Hobbs captured the TNT Championship from Wardlow on the 8th of March edition of Dynamite, but more than just the title, the win seems to have propelled his character in an unlikely direction.

Hobbs was helped to his victory by QT Marshall who nailed Wardlow repeatedly with a steel chair before helping Hobbs to launch him off the stage leading to him being counted out in the bout which had street fight rules.

Marshall had previously signalled that The Factory group that he had led in AEW had come to an end and he now seems to have launched a new venture in QTV- Quality Television.

On Dynamite in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, a skit aired backstage featuring Marshall, Hobbs, Aaron Solo, and others who appeared in a TMZ-style setting and mocked Wardlow for his loss. The segment also featured footage revealing that it was Solo who apparently broke into Mr. Mayhem’s car prior to his match with Hobbs and stole all his gear and the TNT Title belt.

Many fans were vocal about not liking the segment – presumably missing the fact that the superlative RJ City was lurking in the background – but according to a report by Fightful Select, it was “well received” backstage in AEW.

The issues between Hobbs and Wardlow look to be far from over and QT Marshall’s fight to provide quality news is sure to be entertaining – to some at least – on a weekly basis.