Owen Hart Tournament Returning To AEW

Martha Hart and Tony Khan in AEW

A new report has confirmed the return of the Owen Hart Tournament to AEW.

In September 2021, AEW announced the launch of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, also known as the Owen Hart Cup. The tournament features men’s and women’s brackets, and the first winners were crowned at Double or Nothing in 2022.

On that occasion, it was Adam Cole and Britt Baker who won their respective tournaments, while Willow Nightingale and Ricky Starks took the honours in 2023.

According to a new report from the Calgary Herald, the finals of the 2024 tournament will take place in Calgary on July 10th. As usual, Martha Hart will be on hand to celebrate with the winners. In discussing the tournament with the Herald, Hart said she trusts AEW to properly honour her late husband’s legacy.

“To highlight, promote, and honour Owen’s wrestling legacy,” she says. “We are now working together to ensure that legacy continues.”

AEW Wants To Show Owen Hart In A Positive Light

While discussing Owen Hart and his impact on the wrestling business, Chris Jericho said AEW has worked with Martha to show his legacy in a positive light.

“We’ve worked with Martha, to have him shown in a positive, respectful light, as an influential talent. It’s great for Owen’s legacy and for the foundation, and that’s what Martha always cared about. Through the foundation, she was able to take this horrible tragedy and turn it into a huge positive. We wanted to build on that.”

Next up for AEW is Double or Nothing on May 26th.