Outgoing AEW Star Refuses To Rule Out Return

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Outgoing AEW star Matt Hardy has refused to rule out at return to the company.

The former ECW Champion is now a free agent following the expiration of his AEW contract on 7th April and speculation about his next destination has been rife.

The 49 year-old addressed his current situation and potential future plans during a recent edition of his podcast ‘The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy‘, and revealed that his services are already in high demand:

“I have gotten so many texts and emails and stuff from independent promoters and whatnot, so I’m gonna hold off on that a little bit. I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing in the big scheme of things and then I’ll kind of go from there.”

Hardy remains full of praise for the company he originally joined in 2020, however, and has refused to rule out a return to Tony Khan’s organisation should creative be agreed upon:

“I love AEW. I think AEW is paramount to the health of the pro wrestling industry. I’m a big advocate of the schedule they have, especially having four young children and a family. That kind of changes everything.

You want your schedule to be as smart as possible when you get a little older, especially if you want to be here to see your kids grow up. So yeah, I am certainly not ruling that out. I would love to do that because I do love the schedule, but once again, I just want to make sure that all my boxes that I’m looking to check are checked as far as wherever I’m going and end up at.”

Outgoing AEW Star Matt Hardy Praises WWE Return Of The Rock

The North Carolina native has held WWE Tag Team gold on ten occasions and keeps a close eye on his former employer, recently offering high praise for the company’s build to WrestleMania XL.

In particular, Hardy applauded the WWE return of The Rock, highlighting how the presence of ‘The Great One’ on television was a positive for the wrestling industry as a whole.

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