The One Thing Hiroshi Tanahashi Says NJPW Badly Needs

Hiroshi Tanahashi NJPW

Hiroshi Tanahashi is now the main man in NJPW and he’s now revealed exactly what he thinks will lead the company to success.

Hiroshi Tanahashi became president of NJPW in December 2023 as the company looks to take a new direction following a tricky few years. Tanahashi’s task became immediately harder when Kazuchika Okada revealed he was leaving NJPW and looks set to be heading to the US for either WWE or AEW.

Hiroshi Tanahashi Wants NJPW Stars To Be Household Names

Speaking to Liam Wyatt for Inside The Ropes, Tanahashi noted that wrestling is all about stars and he’s looking to find some in NJPW that can have mainstream recognition as well:

This is a star driven business, and we need to make new stars. That goes beyond success in the ring as well- mainstream awareness and name value is the key to success. I want more of our wrestlers becoming household names.

Hiroshi Tanahashi also revealed NJPW’s plan for 2024 as he looks to drive expansion for the company in one key area.