Omos Explains Challenge Of Him Ever Turning Babyface In WWE

omos wwe mvp

Omos does not see a babyface turn in the near future.

The Nigerian Giant has been a dominant force ever since arriving in WWE, with only a handful of Superstars able to get a singles victory over him.

The sheer size and muscular frame of Omos make him the perfect choice of heel to either get a dominant victory over multiple opponents or give an impressive victory to a valiant babyface, especially if they are able to get the giant off of his feet.

Some wrestlers are destined to never turn in their in-ring career, with stars such as Rey Mysterio and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat remaining in their roles throughout their careers. Speaking with Sportsnet, the giant of Monday Night Raw revealed that it would be a struggle to portray him as a good guy:

“From a psychology standpoint, it can be very challenging for someone who’s seven-foot-three, muscles, and huge and intimidating, to get sympathy. Heels don’t inspire people, only babyfaces do. And for me, that’s going to be the challenge: How can this big, giant person inspire people? Because there’s no relatability to someone who’s seven-foot-three … the moment where you see me with somebody smaller than me, the brain says, ‘I want the little guy to kick the big guy’s ass.’”

The former Tag Team Champion continued, revealing that making the choice to pursue wrestling and be a part of WWE is a dream come true:

“This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. This is fun. To wake up every day, go to work, play a character on TV that either people love or hate, people are so invested in the character you present on TV. What we do, it’s so amazing, man. And to know that some kid out there watching the show, they’re going to grow up watching me on TV. I could have never pictured this life.”

Omos Returns To WWE

The Nigerian Giant made a surprise return to the company at SummerSlam, being announced as a last-minute entrant in the Slim Jim Battle Royal by MVP. Following multiple eliminations early on in the match, it took the entire remaining field to get the 7-foot-3 Superstar over the top rope.

Now known for being one of the most intimidating forces on the red brand, Omos does have a surprising hidden talent that has been showcased on his social media.

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