NXT Tag Team Returns On WWE SmackDown

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A veteran WWE tag team that spent a lot of time in NXT has resurfaced on the SmackDown brand with a new ally.

For most of the last year, the tag team of Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo have been NXT guys. After their run as Los Lotharios ended on the main roster, they were shipped off to NXT for a character reboot.

While in NXT, Garza & Carrillo became a more focused tag team that were going to work together to honor their family’s legacy. The tag team’s grandfather Humberto Garza passed away in October 2022. Many others in the family got into the pro wrestling business as well.

On the December 22nd edition of WWE SmackDown, Garza & Carrillo made their presence felt on the main roster once again. During a Bobby Lashley-Santos Escobar match, two masked men attacked The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) at ringside. Lashley was distracted by it since The Street Profits are his friends, so Escobar did a chop block to Lashley along with a rollup pin for the upset win.

That win by Escobar means he will move on to the finals of the US Title Contender’s Tournament where he will face Kevin Owens. The winner of that match will challenge Logan Paul for the US TItle at the Royal Rumble PLE on January 27th.

After the match, the masked men revealed themselves to be Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo and it would appear that they will be allies of th devious Escobar moving forward.

While Escobar, Garza & Carrillo are likely in a good mood now, they will have to deal with an angry Bobby Lashley in the future along wit ha returning Rey Mysterio, who Escobar took out last month.

How Long Have Garza & Carrillo Been In WWE?

Angel Garza is an experienced 31-year-old wrestler that signed with WWE in 2019. Garza is a former NXT Crusierweight Champion that is focused on being in a tag team with his cousin Carrillo now. In June 2023, the duo was taken off the main roster and put in NXT for about six months before their return on Smackdown.

As for Humberto Carrillo, he is 28 years old and been with WWE since October 2018 meaning it’s been over five years. During that time, Carrillo has yet to win a championship in WWE although he certainly has a bright future just like his cousin Garza.