NXT Tag Team Was Shocked They Were Chosen In WWE Draft

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An NXT tag team is on the WWE main roster now, but they were surprised when it actually happened.

During the recent WWE Draft, there were 24 draft picks announced on the May 1st edition of Raw. For the 23rd pick, the Raw brand chose the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance.

The energetic tag team of Carter & Chance had both been in WWE’s developmental system and on the NXT brand for about five years. For the past three years, they have been regular tag team on the brand.

In August 2022, Carter & Chance had the longest NXT Women’s Tag Team Title reign in the history of the brand at 186 days, which is over six months. The titles were only created in March 2021.

Carter & Chance made an appearance on Busted Open Radio talking about being a part of the WWE Raw brand now.

Chance:“It’s just surreal. We’ve been working for this for so long and together as a team as well. We’ve had the opportunity to stay together for four years now as a team so, to be able to share this moment and finally be there, it just doesn’t feel real yet, it’s only been a week.”

Carter: “It hasn’t kicked in yet, it hasn’t kicked in yet.”

As the second-last picks announced during the Raw broadcast, Katana Chance spoke about how they didn’t think it was going to happen on TV.

“We actually were pretty sure it wasn’t happening. Not only did we not know, we thought we weren’t [getting called up]. Especially when the Women’s Tag Champs got brought up, we were like ‘Man, that’s the tag team that they’re taking and that’s it’, you know?”

“Then, the very last [second], at like 10:30pm on Monday and we’re at the watch party and we were like ‘I think it’s over’ and then they just like, said our names and we were like ‘Wait, what’s happening? What brand did they even say?’”

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