NXT Stars Show Off Incredible Cosplay Tributes For Recent Halloween Battle Royal (PHOTOS)

nxt jacy jayne undertaker

Several WWE NXT superstars were in costume for a women’s battle royal match at a recent live event including Jacy Jayne dressed as The Undertaker!

Halloween season is all about having fun while dressing up in a costume. Whether you’re an adult that’s still a kid at heart or just a kid, it’s time to put on a costume. WWE superstars are certainly no different.

The WWE NXT roster had a live event on Friday, October 28th in Melbourne, Florida and there was a match where members of the women’s roster dressed up as some famous wrestlers as well as some of them in costumes resembling their NXT peers.

On the WWE NXT Instagram page, they posted the entrances of four of the women in costume. Here’s for two-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Jacy Jayne as The Undertaker. She even had the “SARA” tattoo that The Undertaker had for much of the 2000s when he was married to a woman named Sara. That was changed after the divorce.

This is Zoey Stark as “The Game” Triple H complete with the water spit on the apron.

The soon-to-be 21 year old Roxanne Perez has often talked about being inspired by current WWE stars like Bayley, so Roxanne dressed as the NXT version of Bayley.

Lastly, fellow 21-year-old Cora Jade dressed as former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, complete with the skipping routine and the Divas Title on her shoulder.

You can see more of the NXT superstars in their costumes below.

There could be more WWE superstars dressed up for Halloween this coming Monday for a Halloween episode of Raw with Matt Riddle set to face Otis in a “Trick Or Street Fight” match among other things.