NXT Star Dresses As Vince McMahon For Halloween (PHOTO)

Vince McMahon WWE

A rising star on WWE’s NXT brand decided to dress as the legendary Vince McMahon for Halloween this year.

When it comes to interesting characters that you can dress as for Halloween, WWE’s Executive Chairman Vince McMahon is certainly up there as a unique character who is unlike a lot of people out there.

The last couple of years of Vince’s life has been chaotic, to say the least. In July 2022, he “retired” from WWE as the Chairman & CEO who was running the creative side of the company. Vince retired due to a hush-money scandal that saw Vince pay about $20 million to various women while not reporting it when it happened which led to a lot of negative press for the company.

To start 2023, Vince was back in the news as the Executive Chairman of WWE who wanted to sell the company. It was announced on the Monday after WrestleMania 39 in April that Endeavor would acquire WWE for about $9 billion The deal was officially completed in September.

Following the conclusion of the sale, it was announced that Vince McMahon no longer had creative power in WWE. That was a decision made by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, who is really happy with the job that Triple H is doing as the Chief Content Officer running the creative team on the main roster. Business is going well.

NXT’s Jacy Jayne dresses as Vince McMahon for Halloween

Fans of WWE know that Vince McMahon loved wearing suits on television when he wasn’t showing off his muscles as a wrestler or referee. To pay tribute to him for Halloween, women’s NXT wrestler Jacy Jayne decided to rock the suit and the hair to go as Vinny Mac for Halloween. Jayne posted it on X/Twitter for all to see.

Clearly, Jayne offered to go with the Vince McMahon pre-mustache look. That was a wise decision on her part.

It’s an annual tradition for NXT wrestlers to dress up in costumes for live events around Halloween. It makes it fun.