NXT Star Makes WWE In-Ring Debut


A recent WWE signing made their debut at an NXT live event.

The WWE Universe was formally introduced to a new wrestler who had a familiar name, but now he has a new name. Brian Pillman Jr. spoke about his late father Brian Pillman saying he didn’t have memories of a man that died when Jr. was four years old, so he will take on a new name: King. The full name will be Lexis King.

In a promo that aired on WWE NXT TV this past Tuesday, Lexis King made it clear to the fans that he didn’t want them thinking about his father. Lexis King wants the fans to think about him.

For fans who are frustrated about the name change, Pillman was able to choose a name that means a lot to him. Brian’s sister Alexis Pillman passed away in a car accident in 2009. Brian’s mother Melanie Pillman-King passed away in June 2022. Melanie married a man whose last name was King and helped raise young Brian. That’s where Lexis King’s name came from.

Wrestling fans will most likely know the 30-year-old Pillman from his run in AEW from 2020 to 2023. Pillman’s AEW contract expired in July 2023 and he was quickly signed by WWE.

Lexis King picks up a victory in WWE NXT debut match

While the WWE NXT television show airs on Tuesday nights, the brand also goes on tours around Florida on the weekends. At last night’s NXT live event in Largo, Florida, Lexis King won his WWE debut match over Brooks Jensen.

The matchup between Lexis King and Brooks Jensen was a battle of second-generation stars since Jensen is the son of former WWE Superstar Bull Buchanan. Jensen usually teams with Josh Briggs, but, at this event, he was used to give King his first win in WWE.

Fans in attendance shared photos and videos of the blonde-haired Lexis King, which you can see below.