NXT Star Being Considered For Main Roster Spot During WWE Draft

WWE Draft

On the April 28th edition of SmackDown, the current landscape in WWE will be thrown into upheaval as the WWE Draft will make its return.

With the WWE Draft comes the possibility of current superstars switching shows, tag teams being split up, and new stars being called up from NXT.

Because of all this, some fans and industry observers are already making predictions on which superstars will end up where. One such an observer is the Twitter account WKRD Wrestling, which has gained some notoriety already for making accurate predictions about booking directions in WWE.

This same account predicted that NXT’s Tyler Bate is on a shortlist within WWE as someone to be drafted to the main roster.

“After a well-received match on Main Event against Dolph Ziggler, NXT’s Tyler Bate has been mentioned internally as a potential call up during the upcoming WWE draft.”

Tyler Bate is perhaps most famous for his work in WWE NXT UK, his match with WALTER for that brand’s top singles title, and his time as a member of Moustache Mountain alongside Trent Seven.

During his time on the WWE NXT roster, Bate has challenged for the NXT Championship and recently tagged up with Chase U at the NXT Stand & Deliver event from WrestleMania weekend.