NXT Star Looks Main Roster Ready In Startling New Photo

WWE NXT logo over Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson

A former NXT star looks like he’s in incredible shape ahead of a rumored call up to the WWE main roster.

When it comes to NXT wrestlers that are clearly ready to be on the WWE main roster, the name Cameron Grimes comes up a lot among fans. The 29-year-old Grimes started in NXT in 2019 after a successful run in Impact Wrestling as Trevor Lee.

Over the last three years, Grimes developed into a character that uses the phrase “to the moon” as his way of saying he was getting to the top of the business. Grimes also played a character that made a lot of money in the crypto world, so it’s something he would brag about often, especially when he was a heel.

One of the most memorable rivalries that Grimes had in NXT was with LA Knight. It started out as something involving the Million Dollar Title that was created for the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase more than 30 years ago. The story was done to convert Grimes from being a cocky heel character to a likable face character and he was also the Million Dollar Champion.

Since the Million Dollar Title isn’t actually a recognized championship in NXT, Grimes pursued winning an actual championship.

Cameron Grimes finally won NXT gold at Stand & Deliver 2022, which was the biggest show of the year for the developmental brand. Grimes won a Ladder Match to win the NXT North American Championship as his greatest achievement on the brand. Grimes would hold the title for just 63 days.

In November 2022, Grimes lost his last match on the developmental brand to Joe Gacy. Since then, it has been rumored that Grimes would be called up to the WWE main roster on Raw or Smackdown.

On Instagram, Cameron Grimes posted a new photo of himself looking like he’s in the best shape of his life while wearing traditional wrestling tights.

Clearly, Cameron Grimes is ready for his time on the main roster. It’s just a matter of when.