NXT Star To Receive Kevin Owens-Like Main Roster Debut

Kevin Owens Taunts John Cena

A new report suggests that a top star of NXT could get the Kevin Owens treatment as WWE looks to figure out “something big” for them on the main roster.

Kevin Owens was still NXT Champion when he debuted on the WWE main roster to answer John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge on Raw in 2015. Owens ultimately defeated Cena in a non-title match at the Elimination Chamber in May of that year before Cena avenged that loss at Money In The Bank.

Still, the initial feud announced Kevin Owens on to the WWE main roster as a major player and he has remained that ever since in the company. According to WrestleVotes Triple H and WWE are hoping to repeat the same trick with NXT star Grayson Waller in the future:

“WWE really likes Grayson Waller and really see something in him. He may stay down in NXT, just so they can try to figure out something big for him, like Kevin Owens coming in and beating John Cena. They like him a lot, so that’s one guy that they’re gonna try to do something serious with.”

Grayson Waller emerged as part of the new batch of talent associated with NXT 2.0 in late 2021. He was part of Team 2.0 in the WarGames match against Team Black & Gold in December of that year and recently he was involved in the match on NXT television that was stopped after R-Truth suffered a nasty injury that will see him out of action for some time.

h/t GiveMeSport