NXT Star Talks Having William Regal Back In WWE To Offer Advice

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It’s little surprise how popular William Regal is back in NXT, but one star has pointed out quite how often he’s in the Performance Center giving advice.

Many were shocked when William Regal was released by WWE, and he soon found a new home in AEW. After creating the Blackpool Combat Club, a candid discussion with Tony Khan led to Regal being granted his release from the company, and returning back to WWE in a backstage capacity.

Now, former NXT Tag Team Champion Elton Prince has discussed The Daily Star what it’s been like having someone with the knowledge base Regal has back in the company.

It’s great to have him back. He’s been here multiple times in the Performance Center. The great thing is that he isn’t just at TV, he takes time to come to the training days before and after. He is like a hawk almost. He sees something and he’ll go over and correct it or help it. I think that’s a really good asset, but he’s just great to have him around – he’s a very warm character and definitely very knowledgeable. We’re always trying to get some advice when he can and he’s always happy to give it. We only have positive things to say.

Elton Prince went on to talk about William Regal’s comedy stylings, and how a fly on the wall would be shocked by the facial expressions used when explaining things.

He does [help us in that way], and the funny thing is that you remember all these old things Regal has done back in the day, all these comedy spots and fun moments. That, contextually, is really funny. However, when you see him in a warehouse pulling all these funny faces to describe these things… if you could be a fly on the wall! He’s a very animated man! You’re listening, thinking ‘wow, this is great’ but in the back of your head you’re also thinking ‘this is tremendous, I wish someone could see the 50 facial expressions he pulls into about 10 seconds!

With WrestleMania weekend now finally upon us, Elton Prince compared the feeling now being involved in the festivities to when he was younger.

It’s fun to have the same excitement [as a kid] but in a different way. As a kid, it was the greatest thing of the year and everything leads up to it, it’s the time of year you ask your mum if you can stay up as you’ll do the dishes – whatever the deal is. Now we’re in a completely different situation but that childhood excitement is still there at the chance to one day be a part of it or be a part of Stand and Deliver which is NXT’s WrestleMania. It’s our biggest event of the year and everyone is buzzing.