NXT Star Says They Only Now Get Credit After Mandy Rose’s WWE Firing

Mandy Rose

NXT star Jacy Jayne has explained why she thinks she is only now starting to get the credit she deserves after Mandy Rose was fired by WWE.

When Mandy Rose returned to the NXT brand from the main roster in July 2021, it did not take long for her to make her mark. Rose soon teamed up with Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin to form Toxic Attraction and the trio went on to dominate the brand with Rose capturing the NXT Women’s Championship while Dolin and Jayne held the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title.

Mandy Rose, however, was fired by WWE in December 2022, one day after she lost her title to Roxanne Perez. WWE reportedly felt that they had no choice but to let Rose go after explicit material she was producing for her exclusive fan site came to light.

Since Mandy Rose’s departure, Toxic Attraction has disintegrated with Jacy Jayne viciously turning on Gigi Dolin and kicking her former partner’s head into a door.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Jacy Jayne discussed her feelings now that she’s entering a new phase of her career as a singles star on WWE’s developmental brand:

“Crazy, really surreal. Because I feel like, being in Toxic Attraction, I was always a third wheel. You know, everybody always talked about Mandy. She’s been here for so long. Everybody always watches everything she does. Then, you have Gigi, who had a huge name on the indies before she came to NXT.”

“Everybody kind of looked at me and was like, ‘Well, who the hell was that girl?’ So now for everybody to actually be paying attention and have my name in their mouths, and I’m the talk of the town, that’s huge for me. That’s all I’ve wanted for a really long time. So, I’m happy about it.”

Jacy Jayne then added that she feels she’s only now starting to get her own credit on NXT following Mandy Rose’s exit:

“Yeah, I think recently, I’ve been starting to get more credit for everything, especially, honestly, after Mandy left. As sad as that whole situation was, and we tried to make the most of it going forward. I feel like that helped me break out of this Toxic Attraction shell. Now, people were paying attention to me more and listening to what I had to say.”

“I haven’t gotten a lot of credit, while we’re all together. I’m starting to show my character and how much I’ve grown over the last year and a half, two years. So I think this was honestly my breakout moment. Even at Vengeance Day it was sink or swim for us, like, ‘Now you’re on your own. You have to prove that you can do it by yourself.’ So I went into that match with that mind frame like you need to kill this performance. Because if not, you don’t know what’s gonna happen going forward.”

h/t Fightful