NXT Star Apparently Tattooed With WWE Logo


One NXT star has taken the idea of brand loyalty to the extreme by apparently branding himself with a tattoo of the WWE logo but all may not be as it seems.

Tattoos and wrestling are nothing new. Whether the tribal markings of Roman Reigns, The Rock, and The Usos or the all-over ink of CM Punk and The Undertaker or even THAT neck tattoo that Cody Rhodes made famous, the artistry of painting one’s body is no stranger to those that put their bodies through hell for the sake of entertainment. But now one NXT star has seemingly taken things a step further, or perhaps a step too far.

Taking to social media, NXT star Edris Enofe has shared a video of him apparently ready to receive a massive WWE logo tattoo on his chest. As the tattoo gun approaches, Enofe adds:

“I’m a company man, ain’t nobody doing it like me bro.”

The video then cuts out before the tattoo gun apparently makes contact with Enofe’s skin indicating that he perhaps has more sense than to get a giant WWE logo tattooed prominently on his chest. Especially as he has only been part of the company for a little over a year and at the time of writing wrestled just 45 times in a WWE ring.