“NXT 2.0 Really Opened Up A Lot Of Opportunities For Younger People Like Myself” – Cora Jade

Cora Jade

NXT standout Cora Jade praised NXT 2.0 for giving younger talent more opportunities.

Back in September of 2021, NXT underwent a number of changes under Vince McMahon’s regime in WWE. The brand did away with its black and gold color scheme in favor of a new rainbow swirl logo, and a new crop of talent became heavily featured.

In a recent interview with Fightful, current NXT standout and former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Cora Jade spoke about her experience coming into the brand and

“It’s been a lot. I came in right towards the end of Black & Gold. My debut match was the Dusty Classic in 2021. Obviously, I wanted NXT Black & Gold, I was an extra for Survivor Series weekend for four days when NXT was part of it. That was crazy, to go from that to being in the Dusty Classic. I wrestled only a few matches in that period.

“When it switched over to 2.0, I felt like, with change you always wonder what’s going to happen when things change and everyone has their opinion. I felt like, at the time, it was a chance for me to grow and get more opportunities that maybe I wouldn’t have had if it was still how it was. 2.0 really opened up a lot of opportunities for younger people like myself. That change really helped me grow and have these opportunities. I’m so grateful for that.”

Continuing, Cora Jade made note of the continued evolution of NXT as it’s recently embraced some of its roots and formed a sort of hybrid between the black and gold brand and NXT 2.0.

“Now we’re moving in a more neutral direction and I don’t know what the future holds, but WWE is a very exciting place right now and I can only imagine that it’s going up from here and I can’t wait to see what the next era is. The Generation of Jade will still be going strong, no matter what.”

At NXT Halloween Havoc, Cora Jade lost to fellow young upstart Roxanne Perez, with whom she won the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships before their relationship turned sour when Cora Jade turned on her friend.

h/t Fightful