No Time Frame For Top AEW Stars To Return

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Two of AEW’s most divisive stars look set for a spell on the sidelines.

The Young Bucks were last in action at Full Gear where they competed against Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. If the pair lost they would forfeit their shot at the AEW World Tag Team Titles — which is exactly what happened.

After the match, the Bucks destroyed the ringside area, taking another step into becoming fully-fledged heels. It was reported after the show that Brandon Cutler will now spend more time talking for the pair on social media as they begin to lean into their heel-ish personas.

This began ahead of Dynamite when Cutler announced that the Young Bucks wouldn’t be on the show.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirmed plans for a new heel stable with Cutler.

“The Young Bucks are obviously being repackaged as heels and will be playing into their negativity like they did years ago with Killing the Business and Spot Monkey merchandise. They’ve trademarked KTB Wrestling (Killing the Business Wrestling) for merch and Superdick Party although KTB is not part of the AEW stable idea and right now is for outside AEW projects.

They look to be doing a heel group with Brandon Cutler.”

Colt Cabana To Join The Young Bucks In AEW?

Meltzer added that there’s been talk the trio could be joined by Colt Cabana, however, that’s far from certain. Furthermore, there’s no word on when the former tag team champions will be back on television.

Colt Cabana’s name has been mentioned but that doesn’t appear to be a certainty. The idea is for them to take some time off and come back as heels with major impact. It’s in the beginning stages and there’s no known time frame on when they will pull the trigger on it and they will return. BTE is also apparently going on hiatus during this period.”

The Young Bucks haven’t held the AEW World Tag Team Titles since the summer of 2022.