“No Reason” For AEW To Release Ace Steel Following CM Punk Firing

CM Punk and Ace Steel stand in-ring on AEW Dynamite 2022

While CM Punk has been fired by AEW, it seems that Ace Steel is still part of the company.

Steel, who is a close friend of Punk, was part of the infamous brawl that took place backstage after All Out in 2022. According to reports at the time, he is alleged to have thrown a chair at Nick Jackson and bit Kenny Omega.

Following the incident, everyone involved was suspended while Steel was fired from the company. However, he was later quietly rehired to work with Punk on Collision, albeit remotely. As well as being brought back, he was also seemingly given backpay for the time he was fired.

Nobody is trying to “get rid of” Ace Steel in AEW

While Tony Khan spoke about the decision to fire CM Punk during the post-All Out media scrum, he did not mention the status of Steel.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Steel is still in the same position he was prior to All In.

“I mean, he still is in the same position that he was in three days ago. There’s nothing for sure. Obviously, he could be let go, but he hasn’t done anything wrong, number one. And there’s no movement. There’s a lot of people who wanted Punk gone. I mean, not everyone, but a lot, as best I can tell at this point. And this is the whole key to the whole freaking thing.”

Meltzer went on to say there’s been no movement with anyone calling for Steel to be let go, and since he’s done nothing wrong, it’s likely he’ll stay in the role he has now.

“The sad part of the whole thing is that as best I can tell, nobody’s adamant that Ace is gone. They weren’t happy when he was hired, but now it’s kind of like he’s there. He’s working remote. He didn’t do anything wrong. I have heard no movement of anyone like, ‘Okay, now that Punk’s gone, let’s get rid of Ace’ at all from anybody.

“My gut is that he’ll be there, and he’ll be working the same job that he’s working. And there’s no reason for him not to.”

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