No Heat On WWE Star After Recent Injury

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A new report has shed some light on the backstage reaction to NXT star Javier Bernal’s injury.

Earlier in June, Javier Bernal announced that he had broken his foot in “a few places.” The injury will require surgery, and Bernal revealed that it will likely be six months before he is able to return to action. If surgery hadn’t been needed, the star would only have been out for six weeks.

“I found out — what is it? Two days ago, I broke it in a few places, and initially, I was told that I probably wasn’t going to need surgery, but then, the next day, the M.R.I. was a little cloudy, and they looked at it, and it looks like I probably will have surgery on my foot.”

“I was looking at six weeks with no surgery, and from what I understand, it’s looking like six months.”

What Caused WWE Star Javier Bernal’s Injury?

The injury occurred during a match for NXT Level Up that saw Bernal team with Drake Morreaux in a losing effort to Chase U’s Duke Hudson and Riley Osborne.

Now, Fightful Select has reported that Bernal hurt his foot when Osborne dove outside of the ring onto him. The star’s leg buckled and he stayed out of the rest of the bout. Afterwards, he was helped out of the arena by Morreaux and the referee.

Fighftul also noted that there is no internal heat on Osborne for the injury as it has been viewed as an unfortunate accident.

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