NJPW Star Hold Burglar Captive After Break-In

United Empire NJPW

A potential burglar realised he had entered the wrong house when he was confronted by NJPW star the Great-O-Khan.

A member of Will Ospreay‘s United Empire faction, O-Khan detailed the incident on social media, saying that he heard his front door open and found an intruder. The man immediately realised his mistake, claiming he was yet to do anything wrong.

The police arrived shortly afterwards during which time O-Khan held him, but showed some mercy by offering water since he was “breathing heavily.”

“The royal palace has just been trespassed. I hear the front door open and who is it? Just when I thought that, a stranger came in and the moment he saw me, he gave up and started saying something I didn’t understand: “But I still haven’t done anything wrong…” Idiot.

“The police arrived after 13 minutes. I think it’s early, but if it’s a guy who’s really rampaging, 13 minutes to keep hold is a bit tight. There is nothing more uncomfortable than leaving your teeth behind.

“It ended without a long interview, but it seems that he is in trouble. I live in a luxurious residential area, so I was underestimating it, but everyone should lock it tightly. The police officers are also working hard every day.

“As a saintly appeal, the man was breathing heavily, so I gave him a bottle of water. I was able to tell a horror story about Ichika, but… well, well.”

[The above is a Google translation of Great-O-Khan’s post]

NJPW star Great-O-Khan received a letter of appreciation from the police in 2022

This isn’t the first time O-Khan has found himself playing policeman. In April 2022 he was awarded with a letter of appreciation by Kwasaki City police for helping a 10-year-old girl when she was grabbed by a dunk man in a train station.

The United Empire’s ‘Dominator’ had been walking through the station when he heard the girl. As he had a McDonald’s sakura mochi pie and a bag of pancakes in one hand, he used the other to subdue the man and hold him until the police arrived.

After the incident, he offered some of the pancakes to the youngster.