NJPW Reveals Truth Over Champion’s Apparent Firing

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NJPW has shed light on the situation around a champion who was seemingly fired.

On January 10th, New Japan Pro Wrestling fans were left confused after EVIL announced that Tama Tonga had been fired only days before the two were meant to clash over the NEVER Openweight Championship at The New Beginning in Nagoya.

Not only that, but the House of Torture leader claimed that he had been given the title instead, and to prove it posted a picture of his official profile page showing he was listed as the champion. The same update had also been made to the English-language site. Tonga was left just as baffled as everyone else, asking “WTF is going on?”

Now, New Japan has answered that question by releasing a bizarre video showing EVIL invading the office of the promotion’s web team and threatening them into making the changes. The promotion also issued a statement apologizing for the “confusion and distress caused.”

“Between the hours of 8:30PM on January 10 2024 and 12 noon on January 11 JST, Tama Tonga’s profile was erroneously erased from the NJPW profile page, and EVIL was incorrectly listed as the NEVER Openweight Champion.

“NJPW has come to learn that these alterations were made by staff members under extreme duress at the command of EVIL. After reviewing video evidence, these alterations have been amended.

“We apologise to fans, and particularly to Tama Tonga for the confusion and distress caused.”

Tama Tonga Set To Leave NJPW In January

After winning the NEVER Openweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 18, Tama Tonga gave an emotional address where he revealed he had decided to leave New Japan Pro Wrestling and said January would be his final month in the promotion.

The star explained that he wants to work closer to his family so that he can be there to support his wife and young children, something his father, Haku, was unable to do.