NJPW Donates 3 Million Yen To Seriously Injured Star

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NJPW has shown a kind gesture to a wrestler in dire need of help.

On April 10th, 2022, NJPW and WCW alumnus Shinjiro Otani challenged Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Takashi Sugiura for the Zero1 World Heavyweight Championship. At some point in the match, Sugiura German suplexed Otani into a turnbuckle which broke Otani’s neck in the process.

Since then, Otani has largely been rendered quadriplegic. He was unable to move any of his limbs upon immediate arrival to the hospital, though he did undergo surgery so that he could begin some form of physical rehabilitation.

As of this writing, the only updates available on Otani’s condition are that his respiratory dysfunction has improved and that he has been given a device that allows him to operate his phone with his chin.

Last year, Pro-Wrestling Zero1 hosted a benefit show with the proceeds going to taking care of Otani and his family. This year, NJPW has decided to help as well.

Between December 7th, 2022 and January 11th, 2023, New Japan held a charity event that was held through their Strong Spirits mobile game. Through this event, the company was able to amass ¥3,000,000, which, as of January 26th, 2023, converts to $US 23,065.48

Hiroshi Tanahashi presented the donation to Zero1’s Sales Manager Yoshiya Okita before NJPW’s New Beginning show that took place earlier today.