Current NJPW Champion Wants Exhibition Match Against 73-Year-Old Bob Backlund


A champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) wants to wrestle 73-year-old Bob Backlund, at least as a exhibition.

Currently a NJPW Strong Openweight Champion, star Fed Rosser was in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for years, known as the ring name of Darren Young, before sparking back up his career in NJPW Strong.

Recently on the “Under the Ring” podcast, Rosser discussed the stint that he had with Bob Backlund, a legendary wrestler, as his manager. Not just that, but Rosser also stated that he’d like to get in the squared circle with the 73-year-old for an exhibition bout.

“He is in his mid-seventies and he can still go. He’s a bucket list match of mine still. I would love for him to come to New Japan one time and have an exhibition match with me. I think that would be epic.”

Only competing in a few matches since 2001, the last time that Backlund would be in action was back in 2018 at the Dradition Pro-Wrestling promotion in Japan. Backlund is still in tip-top shape, according to Rosser.

While under the ring name of Darren Young, Rosser teamed up with Backlund for most of 2016, with Backlund being his “life coach” onscreen. Although memorable, the partnership wouldn’t last a long time.

H/T Wrestling Inc.