NJPW Forced To Apologise After Personal Data Fiasco

Hiroshi Tanahashi NJPW

NJPW has issued an apology to fans after personal data was lost at a show after a USB stick went missing.

On April 22nd, NJPW held a show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo where a USB drive went missing containing personal details of members of the company’s fan club. As a result, the name, date of birth, age, gender, membership number, membership type, and membership expiration date of 32,775 people were lost.

Thankfully, the company have confirmed that the data lost did not contain more sensitive information such as credit card information, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses.

NJPW Explain Data Loss

A statement from the company stresses that as far as they know, none of the details have been used illegally or that it has caused any damage:

This USB memory is equipped with advanced encryption security features, and at this time, we have not confirmed that the above personal information has been used illegally by a third party or that there has been any secondary damage.

The company noted that the drive was lost while preparing for a photo session for fan club members at the Korakuen Hall show. A search for the device did not prove successful and on April 25th a report was filed with police.

NJPW have stressed they will be looking to move to a new way of handling fan club events that does not involve USB sticks in the future.

NJPW President Hiroshi Tanahashi has recently revealed the company’s plan for 2024 as it looks to bounce back from a difficult few years.