Nick Khan Emails WWE Staff Regarding Kevin Dunn’s Departure

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Kevin Dunn has left WWE and Nick Khan sent an email to staff about what it means for the company.

As the year 2023 came to a close, it was reported that WWE’s Kevin Dunn was departing the company, effective immediately. Dunn worked for WWE for nearly 40 years and was the company’s Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution.

Dunn was essentially in charge of WWE’s television production for most of the last 30 years and was a close associate of Vince McMahon.

It has since been reported by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson that Kevin Dunn is retiring. Dunn is in his 60s and made millions of dollars working for WWE. The report noted that Dunn was not asked to leave, nor was he fired. Dunn told WWE over Christmas week that he was done. The company did want him to stay through Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, but he wanted to retire.

To begin 2024, WWE President Nick Khan sent this email to staff about Dunn moving on from his WWE role. Thanks to PWInsider for sharing the email.

“After 40+ years of helping to build WWE and, hands down, the best production and media unit in the entire sports and entertainment business, Kevin Dunn, will be leaving our company as of today.

Before WrestleMania 1, Kevin joined Vince at WWF. Many of us remember a pre-WrestleMania WWF – a regional wrestling company that looked like a regional wrestling company. Then we experienced WrestleMania 1, whether live, on closed circuit or years later elsewhere. It was magic. A regional wrestling company had become a global sports entertainment juggernaut. Vince led the way, side by side with Kevin Dunn. When many of us were kids standing in line waiting to play Pac-Man, Kevin was already on the road breaking his back to help build our company.

When you see our product now, there is nothing that comes close to its look or feel – 52 weeks a year, three to four times a week. It is singular and truly special. No other company can or will do that, and that is because of Kevin and our media team’s hard work, smarts and determination.

We are forever grateful to Kevin. He will always be a part of the WWE family.

Paul and I will be having an in-person meeting with the media team at Raw in San Diego today at 12:00p PT and with our Superstars at 12:30p PT. We look forward to seeing many of you there – and we look forward to crushing 2024 together with all of you.

Nick Khan”

WWE Presents Day 1 Raw On New Year’s Day

After ending 2023’s last week of the year with “Best Of” episodes of Raw & Smackdown, WWE is starting off the new year in a big way with the Day 1 episode of Raw featuring some big title matches.

* World Heavyweight Championship: Seth “Freakin” Rollins (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

* Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax

* Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Ivy Nile

* Natalya & Tegan Nox vs. Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark

CM Punk is not expected to be at the show since he posted his schedule to reveal he’ll be at Raw on January 8th and 22nd as well as the Royal Rumble on January 27th.