Nick Khan Wants WWE Documentary On Netflix

WWE President Nick Khan

Nick Khan has big plans for WWE on Netflix.

On January 23rd it was announced that Monday Night Raw will be heading to Netflix from the start of 2025. The new 10-year deal is said to be worth an incredible $5 billion.

As part of the new deal, SmackDown NXT, Raw, and Premium Live Events will also be available on the platform outside of the United States.

The move has led some fans to wonder whether WWE will also be producing documentaries and other programming with their new partner. In recent years, Formula One has enjoyed a huge boost in popularity which has been linked to behind-the-scenes documentary Drive To Survive.

So could WWE head down the same path and get a similar boost? According to Nick Khan, while speaking to Bloomberg TV, the answer is yes.

“It would be a mistake by us at WWE to not do that with Netflix. Assume that what you said is exactly what we’re all thinking, we being Netflix and WWE, you saw what Drive To Survive did for Formula One, we think the WWE audience, already big on a global level, only gets bigger with a show like that,”

Continuing on, Khan revealed that WWE is already looking to add more content outside of its in-ring programming.

“Keep in mind, at WWE, we have a whole treasure trove of intellectual property that is largely untouched. If you look at what Disney has done, certainly that was through acquisitions with Marvel and Lucas Film; if you look at what Warner Brothers Discovery did when they acquired DC a long time ago, you now have this treasure trove at Netflix that is available to produce.

So things like the Undertaker, characters that have been created over time, we’re looking forward to getting all of that with Netflix as well.”

Nick Khan Responds To WWE Raw Rumours

Following the announcement, fans were quick to notice that in the official announcement, there was no mention of “Monday Night” Raw, simply “WWE Raw” sparking speculation that the flagship show could move from its traditional slot.

However, speaking elsewhere, Nick Khan confirmed that WWE Raw will remain on Monday night at least for the time being.

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