Nick Khan Defends WWE Wage Structure

nick khan wwe ceo talk

With WWE set to undergo the biggest change in the company’s history after being taken over by Endeavor, Nick Khan has cautioned that the company’s stars might not be seeing an increase in pay.

Endeavor, which owns UFC, is taking control of WWE and putting the two companies under one umbrella in a deal that is valued at around $21 billion. Vince McMahon will retain his position as Executive Chairman of the new company’s Board of Directors while current WWE CEO Nick Khan will become President of the brand in the same role Dana White will continue to have with UFC.

While plenty of people have had a lot to say about how UFC pays its fighters, Nick Khan doesn’t think the same criticism could be levelled at WWE.

Speaking in an interview with LightShed Live, Khan explained that he thinks many of WWE’s stars are well compensated and it’s up to management to try and manage the costs involved:

“In terms of our performers, we think a lot of them are well compensated. Certainly, all talent wants to be paid more. Management wants to try and manage those costs. Each individual deal is unique in and of itself. We’re confident with our position in the marketplace in terms of our WWE superstars.

Depending on what the rights fees increase on the media rights, we expect a lot of that to drop to the bottom line.”

Several reports have suggested that cuts will be coming to WWE following the merger while Nick Khan and other senior WWE executives are expected to pocket millions of dollars as part of the deal.

h/t Fightful