Nic Nemeth Makes TNA In-Ring Debut (SPOILERS)

nic nemeth tna wrestling

Nic Nemeth is here to show the world and the TNA newcomer has competed in his first match with the company.

At TNA Hard To Kill in Las Vegas, the company had hyped up the event with some big matches, but also the debut of a big name in the pro wrestling world.

After Moose defeated Alex Shelley in the main event of the show to become the TNA World Champion, that new wrestler debuted as Nic Nemeth (formerly Dolph Ziggler in WWE) appeared in the ring behind Moose.

There was a staredown between Moose and Nemeth that saw Moose try to attack Nemeth, but Nemeth avoided it and hit a superkick. Nemeth also hit the jumping neckbreaker move he used to call the Zig Zag to take the big man down.

The TNA debut of Nemeth got a lot of attention for the company since he was well-known in WWE as Dolph Ziggler for the past 15 years and in the Spirit Squad group. In September 2023, WWE released Nemeth from his contract, which is something that Nemeth expected at the time.

On TNA’s YouTube page, Nic Nemeth’s debut has nearly 1 million views, which is a lot for them.

Nic Nemeth Wrestles At TNA Impact Television Taping

On Sunday, January 14th, TNA held a television taping of their Impact show called Snake Eyes. The content taped on those shows will air over the next couple of weeks in the company’s regular Thursday night time slot.

At the tapings, Nemeth did a promo talking about how excited he was to be in TNA and how he was going to become TNA World Champion. Nemeth said he wanted to earn it. Former TNA World Champion Steve Maclin interrupted, it got physical and Nemeth dropped him with a Zig Zag neckbreaker.

Later at the tapings, Nic Nemeth had his first TNA match when he defeated Zachary Wentz in singles action. After the match, Maclin attacked Nemeth, but Nemeth came back and hit a Zig Zag on him.

Based on what happened at the taping, it seems like TNA setting up Nic Nemeth for a rivalry with Steve Maclin as Nemeth’s first feud in TNA.

H/T Fightful for taping spoilers