News: WWE and Netflix Producing Multi-Part Documentary About Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

There was a WWE investor’s conference call today as the company reported their third-quarter earnings report. We posted the press release that WWE sent out right here.

During the question and answer portion of the call, WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan, who started with the company in August, announced that WWE and Netflix reached a deal to produce a multi-part documentary on the life of WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

It was said that WWE and Netflix reached a groundbreaking deal that will be one of the most expensive documentaries that Netflix has ever produced. No dollar figures were announced.

The documentary will be directed by Chris Smith, who directed the Netflix documentary Fyre Festival. Bill Simmons of The Ringer will be an Executive Producer as well. WWE Studios and Smith will also be producers on the project. Some people within WWE are likely to be producers as well. Simmons is a lifelong wrestling fan that has been to many WWE events in his life and has been shown on camera many times. Simmons was one of the producers of the Andre the Giant documentary on HBO that was very well received as well.

No details have been announced in terms of when the documentary might come out, who will be interviewed and how long it will be, but we should know more information in the months ahead.

There have also been previous stories about a Vince McMahon movie although there hasn’t been any sort of solid update on that.

Vince McMahon turned 75 years old this past August and remains as busy as ever as the man that runs the global empire that is WWE.

TJR Thoughts: This should be awesome. I have a lot of faith in Smith and Simmons, along with their team, doing a great job on this while I hope Vince is open and honest. If this was produced by WWE only then I’d have my doubts, but since it’s going to be on Netflix with a respected director like Chris Smith then I really have a lot of faith

As for when it is released, it might be a year or closer to two years. I don’t know. It’s a big project, so I don’t think they should rush it.