New WWE Group Set To Film Vignettes Before Debut

Uncle Howdy blur WWE logo

The new faction being teased by WWE is getting closer to its debut.

Over the past few weeks, WWE TV has been hijacked by hidden messages and QR codes that appear to be hinting at new faction inspired by the legacy of Bray Wyatt.

It is widely believed that the new group will be led by Wyatt’s brother, Bo Dallas, who portrayed Uncle Howdy during the late star’s last run in the company. It is thought he will be joined by original Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan – who was released by WWE in 2020 – Nikki Cross, Joe Gacy, and Dexter Lumis.

WWE Is Counting Down To New Group’s Debut

On the latest edition of Raw, a new QR code related to the faction appeared. It led to a website featuring a clock ticking down to June 17th, the day of the Raw after Clash at the Castle. The date was also hinted at on another page linked to a previous QR code. That page had the URL “71enuj”, or June 17 backwards.

Now, in another hint that the faction’s debut is imminent, PWInsider reports that the members were set to film vignettes this week in advance of their unveiling.

It is currently unknown if the stars set to be part of the group will continue with their previous personas or transform themselves into something closer in style to the offbeat characters of Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House.