Backstage News On New Women’s WWE Title Saying “Undisputed” On It

asuka wwe womens title undisputed

A new report has some insight on why a new WWE Women’s Title on Smackdown has the word “undisputed” on it when there’s another champion on Raw.

The days of World Wrestling Entertainment having a Raw Women’s Champion and a Smackdown Women’s Champion are coming to an end. This past Friday on the June 9th edition of Smackdown, Asuka’s Raw Women’s Title was removed by WWE Official Adam Pearce and she was handed a new championship that the company is calling the “WWE Women’s Championship.”

That title presented to Asuka is similar to what the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Titles looked like except there’s a gold background behind the company logo instead of the red for Raw and blue for Smackdown. It’s also similar to the new Undisputed WWE Universal Title presented to Roman Reigns last week with a gold background.

According to Fightful Select, the title change for Asuka was done to “clean up the Smackdown/Raw Championship situation that was muddied due to the draft” that saw the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair get drafted to Smackdown and the Smackdown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley get drafted to Raw. Instead of a title swap, WWE decided to introduce new titles. Asuka beat Belair two weeks ago at Night of Champions to become the new champion.

It was also reported by Fightful that Rhea Ripley’s Smackdown Women’s Title will likely receive an adjustment as well, with either a new name or appearance. Many fans have speculated that they may call it the Women’s World Title since Seth Rollins holds the new World Heavyweight Title on Raw.

What’s interesting about the new WWE Women’s Title presented to Asuka is that along the bottom of it, it says “Women’s Undisputed Championship.”

According to Fightful, there is some frustration with WWE for misusing the word “undisputed” on their titles. For Roman Reigns, they are calling it the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship even though Seth Rollins now holds a World Heavyweight Title on the Raw brand. On Roman’s new championship, it literally says “Undisputed Champion” under the WWE logo.

As for Asuka’s new title, there is also Rhea Ripley holding the Smackdown Women’s Title right now. A higher up in WWE told Fighful:

“That’s admittedly confusing. I don’t know why there is an insistence on doing that, and a lot of people have brought that up and it’s been dismissed.”

There’s no official word on when Rhea Ripley will get a new women’s title, but since Asuka just received her title, we could see Ripley’s new title as soon as Monday’s Raw.