“I Never Understood Why He Was Gone” – Ric Flair On Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt makes WWE return at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Following Bray Wyatt’s shock return at WWE Extreme Rules, Ric Flair has questioned why the former Fiend was even released in the first place.

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair isn’t sure why WWE ever let go of Bray Wyatt.

‘The Eater of Worlds’ was a topic brought up on the latest To Be The Man podcast, having returned to WWE on 8 October at Extreme Rules. Ric Flair, who referred to Bray Wyatt as one of the classiest acts in the modern wrestling business, appeared flabbergasted that the one-time WWE Champion was released in July 2021:

“Well, talking about Bray [Wyatt], I’m happy he’s back. I think he’s an extremely talented guy. I never understood why he was gone, to begin with. I’m glad he’s back, I think he’s very talented and, like I said, one of the classiest guys you’ll meet in the business today.”

Reemerging at the conclusion of WWE Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt is believed to be a full-time SmackDown star moving forward. He’ll make his first appearance back on the blue brand with the forthcoming 14 October broadcast.

Bray’s return featured an amalgamation of all of his WWE personas, featuring glimmers of character traits from his time as The Fiend, as Firefly Fun House-era Bray Wyatt, and from his time in The Wyatt Family. A Wyatt 6 faction was also teased, with Alexa Bliss, Joe Gacy, and Bo Dallas among the names rumoured to be partnering with Bray.

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