Natalya Open To Backstage WWE Role

Natalya entrance

Natalya could join her husband TJ Wilson backstage in WWE.

For decades, after wrestlers have hung up their boots they’ve taken up a variety of roles backstage to pass on their experience to the next generation. However, the results can be mixed.

Ever since being forced into retirement through injury, TJ Wilson has built an impressive reputation as a producer, often being credited with helping further the women’s division.

Wilson’s wife Natalya is currently one of WWE’s longest-tenured wrestlers, and remains a fixture on Raw, week in and week out.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Natalya discussed potentially following Wilson into a backstage role when her in-ring career comes to an end.

“I will tell you, our writing team has an extremely challenging job. My husband TJ always says this, he always says, ‘Nobody understands how challenging it is to book the show.’ TJ is a producer and works closely with the writers and behind the scenes. He always says, ‘You never know when someone is injured or gets COVID or somebody is working through a situation.’

I think the writers have such a challenging job because there are so many people that you’re trying to please. I’ll be honest, at times, there is a lot of massaging of egos because everybody wants to be the best. Everybody wants to win, protect their equity, be on top.

Everybody wants to main event WrestleMania and be The One. Sometimes, you need a bride, and sometimes, you need a bridesmaid. The writers have an extremely challenging job.

Never say never. For me, I have a lot of really fun things coming up that do involve writing, creating, and me celebrating my career and everything I’ve accomplished. Never say never as far as doing more in WWE, but I’m so excited about growing. 2024 is a year about growth.”

Natalya Training With Jade Cargill

As well as their work with WWE, Natalya, and Wilson run an updated version of the famous Hart Family training facility The Dungeon. Wrestlers from far and wide go to train at The Dungeon and Natalya was pictured training with Jade Cargill ahead of her WWE debut.

The Canadian veteran was famously the first woman to graduate from the original Dungeon.

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