Natalya Names Actor Who Could Play Her Father In Hart Family Movie

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Natalya has a good idea in mind for who could play her father in a movie about the Hart family.

When it comes to royal families in professional wrestling, there’s a lot of discussion going on about the families of The Rock & Roman Reigns as well as Cody Rhodes’ family among others. However, don’t forget about the rich history of the Hart Family.

The Harts were based out of Calgary led by Stu Hart, who was a legendary wrestler and promoter who also trained many wrestlers in his famous Dungeon. Stu’s sons Bret & Owen Hart went on to become WWE legends while daughter Natalya is one of the most accomplished women’s wrestlers in company history.

There are many others associated with The Hart family as well like son-in-law’s Davey Boy Smith & Jim Neidart, Natalya’s husband Tyson Kidd, Smith’s son Harry (Davey Boy Smith Jr.), and countless others associated with the family like Chris Jericho.

Recently, Natalya posted an Instagram photo with actor Rory Culkin as rumors persist about a potential Hart family movie.

In an interview with TV Insider, Natalya spoke about the Von Erich movie The Iron Claw, which has been praised by many people, including wrestling fans.

“I loved The Iron Claw. After watching I said to Bret, ‘Wow, this Von Erich movie is so inspiring and sad at the same time.’ Bret told me, and I never knew this, that Fritz Von Erich got into wrestling through my grandfather. He met my grandfather in Edmonton. My grandfather Stu said he should get into wrestling. So had Fritz not met Stu, the Von Erich family may not been in wrestling.”

“Fritz and the family lived on my grandfather’s property, the Hart house. It was so cool because I never knew that. I met Kevin Von Erich and the grandkids and didn’t know this. They told me, ‘Yeah, your family is very special to us.’ The Von Erich family is very special to my family. My dad was one of Kerry Von Erich’s last matches, so watching that movie brought back different emotions.”

When asked about a potential movie about the Hart family, Natalya didn’t offer up much at this point.

“I am working on something near and dear to my heart. I can’t confirm or deny what I’m working on, but it’s very special, and I’m really excited about it.”

Who Does Natalya Think Could Play Jim Neidhart In A Family Movie?

Bret Hart and the late Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart were known as The Hart Foundation in WWE – a team that many fans consider one of the best tag teams in WWE history. Hart was the technical wrestling expert while the former football player Neidhart was known for his power game, signature beard and memorable laugh.

In Natalya’s mind, there is a current actor who could play her dad in a movie.

“If I were going to do a movie and could choose who I would personally want to play my dad, it would be Paul Walter Hauser. Paul is a huge wrestling fan. He just won the Emmy Award and called out [wrestler] Matt Cardona in his acceptance speech. I love Paul’s passion for the industry.”

“I see old footage of my dad and think, ‘If there was a movie on the Hart family, call Paul Walter Hauser.’ I can’t unsee him as my dad. He has to be my dad. I love Paul. I think it’s so commendable that someone from his world has so much respect for us.”

Currently, Natalya is a member of the WWE Raw roster and has been a regular tag team with Tegan Nox as they try to go after the Women’s Tag Team Titles.