Naomi Declares Her Goal In WWE

trinity Naomi WWE

Naomi has a goal in mind now that she is back in WWE.

From 2009 to May 2022, Naomi was a WWE superstar who truly started from the bottom and became a champion in the company. Naomi was first known on the main roster as a dancer for Brodus Clay and eventually would be a champion who inspired millions.

After leaving WWE in May 2022 as a Women’s Tag Team Champion, Naomi decided to join TNA Wrestling using her real first name Trinity. After a lengthy Knockouts Title reign in TNA, she returned to WWE In the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

It was an impressive showing for Naomi in the Women’s Royal Rumble match as the second woman in the match that lasted 1:02:18. She also eliminated Becky Lynch and Alba Fyre from the match.

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Naomi talked about how it feels like she has to start at the bottom in WWE again.

“I think it’s just everything that’s happened in almost these past two years, and for me to still know that I matter, know my value, know my worth, and just what I’ve done in TNA. There’s no doubt anymore.”

“There’s nothing else for me to question about my talent, about my capabilities, about the star power I have. I’ve proven it. So now, I gotta just do it this go-around in the WWE in a way bigger way than I’ve ever done before. But the challenge this time is that, though I’ve been around, I’m back again, but now it’s like starting all the way over and back at the bottom, but I’m looking forward to that challenge and working my way back up to go against the best of the best.”

Naomi Has Championship Goals In WWE

As she continued, the former Smackdown Women’s Champion spoke about wanting to win more titles in WWE.

“My goal is to be a Grand Slam Champion, and that’s what my focus is. To get there, that’s that’s gonna take a lot of work, but that’s the mission that I’m on.”

When it comes to being a Grand Slam Champion in WWE, women in the company need to win the two Women’s Titles on the main roster, the Women’s Tag Team Titles and the NXT Women’s Title. In her career so far, Naomi is a two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion (now known as the Women’s World Title) and a Women’s Tag Team Champion. That means Naomi would have to win the WWE Women’s Title and NXT Women’s Title to become a Grand Slam Champion in WWE.

As for her future, WWE has yet to announce what brand Naomi will be on between Raw or Smackdown. However, Smackdown seems more likely since her husband Jimmy Uso is there.

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