Surprising Name Breaks Character To Praise Roman Reigns

roman reigns wwe undisputed universal championship

Roman Reigns is one of the greats.

Heading into WrestleMania 40, Roman Reigns is still riding the wave of the longest World Title reign of the modern era. As of February 16th, Reigns has sat at the top of the WWE mountain for 1265 days, and many expect him to be mentioned in debates about the “greatest of all time” when all is said and done.

On-screen, Seth Rollins and Reigns have been taking shots at each other for years — their breakthrough side by side as The Shield came well over a decade ago. The World Heavyweight Champion recently accused Roman Reigns of “ruining” the WWE Title and has continually taken jabs over his part-time schedule.

However, it seems that not all of that love is gone.

Speaking to Cam Heyward on Not Just Football, Rollins played a word association game where Reigns’ name was brought up. Dropping his guard and on-screen person for just a second, Rollins said Reigns is one of the best ever.

“Roman Reigns is one of the greatest to ever do it. I’ll say nice things about him. He’s my brother, we came up together, he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. I don’t always agree with him, but he is one of the greatest to ever do it, no doubt,”

The Rock Made Pitch To Align With Roman Reigns

It’s been reported that The Rock personally pitched to turn heel and step back so Cody Rhodes could face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

After it became clear that Rock wouldn’t be accepted as a beloved babyface following the fan backlash to the angle on the February 2nd edition of SmackDown, he reportedly pitched to turn heel. This saw WWE lean into the controversy around Rhodes seemingly being overlooked.