The Surprising Movie That Inspired Tribal Chief Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns WWE

Roman Reigns has been a force like no other in WWE since returning in 2020 with his Wise Man Paul Heyman by his side.

Roman Reigns has been WWE Universal Champion for well over three years as the man who had long been pushed as the top star in the company took control of his own destiny and became The Tribal Chief.

But it seems Reigns was inspired by an iconic role portrayed on-screen by the legendary Marlon Brando. However, Reigns wasn’t looking to become The Don of his family but instead inspire God-like obedience and reverence.

Roman Reigns Inspired By Marlon Brando’s Twisted Colonel

Speaking with Barrett Sports Media, Paul Heyman revealed it was he who got Reigns to watch Apocalypse Now and to pay particular attention to Marlon Brando’s warped portrayal of Colonel Walter Kurtz:

I had Roman Reigns watch ‘Apocalypse Now’ multiple times. To me, that was the heart and soul of the character of the Tribal Chief. A warrior so great that he conquered his own island.

Brando presented himself as a pseudo-God. We call it a Tribal Chief. ..That’s where the villainry of Roman Reigns comes in because he says ‘Acknowledge me,’ and [at] once you acknowledge him.

Roman Reigns might work a part-time schedule in WWE these days so he might not be thrilled at having to pull double duty at WrestleMania 40 thanks to The Rock.

Roman Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Title against Cody Rhodes for the second year in a row. But on the first night of the showpiece event, Reigns will team with The Rock to take on both Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a massive tag team match.

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