More Information On Adrian Street’s Passing

Adrian Street

More information has come to light following the death of UK wrestling legend Adrian Street.

BBC News broke the news that Adrian Street passed away in Cwmbran’s Grange University Hospital in Wales with confirmation coming from the star’s family. Street had recently undergone brain surgery.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave more information on exactly when Street passed away and what caused his death:

“It was a week ago, July 24th, the news didn’t get out. I guess like a year ago, he was 82 years old, and I know that people saw him recently. He always trained, because he was like a bodybuilder before, well not before, but during wrestling. He started wrestling at the age of 16 and he got into bodybuilding through wrestling. But he was always into that aspect of it, training and eating good, things like that.

“He was apparently in really good shape when he was 81, things like that. But it was a series of things that happened, he had heart surgery and brain surgery in recent days. Just before his death he posted that he loved his wife, it was almost like a goodbye, but just saying that I just got out of the hospital for heart surgery and brain surgery. He had bleeding on the brain, he had colitis, which turned into sepsis, he actually died from the sepsis in the hospital in Wales, where he was living.”

When did Adrian Street wrestle?

Hailing from the borough of Blaenau Gwent in Wales, United Kingdom, Adrian Street eschewed the life that many of his contemporaries would have been destined for and the one his own father had built by dodging work in the coal mining pits and instead embarking on a career in the wacky world of pro wrestling. Street himself famously noted that he believed the mines were “Too dark down there, I was born for the spotlight.”

And the spotlight he received as Adrian Street rewrote the rules of what it meant to be a pro wrestler in the UK with his flamboyant style earning him the nickname “the sadist in sequins.”

Adrian Street made his name in the UK during the sixties and after taking much of the seventies off, made a new life for himself in the eighties when he went to North America. Street competed in Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, the CWA in Tennessee, and Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling where he shared the ring with the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Valiant, and Randy Savage.

Street appeared at WWE Clash at the Castle in his native Wales in September 2022, receiving a rapturous reception from the crowd packed inside the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

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