Montez Ford Releasing Album In March

Montez Ford

The Street Profits’ Montez Ford is proving his talent outside the squared circle with an upcoming album release!

As part of The Street Profits alongside Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford has found plenty of success as the two were the second team to become Tag Team Triple Crown Champions in WWE. However, the star’s skills extend far beyond the wrestling ring, and he recently took to social media to reveal that he’ll be releasing an album entitled SYAD.

This album will be Ford’s second release, with his first album entitled LMTYO being released last February.

Another creative project in the works for Montez Ford is an upcoming reality series that will feature him and his wife, current Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. The show is set to air on Hulu and is currently in production. During an interview with ComicBook, Bianca Belair admitted that while she’s excited for the series, she’s also a bit nervous.

โ€œI will say that I used to have a little bit of downtime at home, but now I guess I wonโ€™t have any [laughs]. The icing on the cake is that I get to do it with my husband, itโ€™s exciting. I am nervous, I never thought that Iโ€™d be doing a reality type show but my husband is full of life and when I tell people that the person yโ€™all see in the ring is the person I get at home. So now, I get to share that with the world.

“But Iโ€™m excited and Iโ€™m also nervous. Weโ€™re exposing ourselves and our family and pulling the curtain back a little bit and showing a balance between who we are in the ring but also outside of the ring. Itโ€™s exciting, it is exciting times.โ€ (h/t Fightful)

On the most recent episode of WWE Raw, Montez Ford accompanied Bianca Belair to the back after she suffered a brutal attack from Alexa Bliss, who snapped after Bray Wyatt’s moth logo appeared behind her on the titan tron. Later in the night, Ford teamed with Angelo Dawkins and Kevin Owens to take on The Bloodline in a losing effort, partially due to the fact that Ford was still concerned about his wife’s well-being.