MJF’s Break Up Mentioned On Dynamite Is Legitimate


AEW World Champion MJF had a lot to get off his chest on Dynamite as he verbally sparred with Bryan Danielson and the apparent break up he discussed seems to be entirely legitimate.

MJF became engaged to Naomi Rosenblum in September 2022 after the pair had begun dating in 2020. The course of true love never runs smooth and on Dynamite in Phoenix, MJF opened up about his heartbreak as he went back and forth with his challenger for AEW Revolution Bryan Danielson:

“I’m the guy who got left stranded by anyone I’ve ever opened up to. I’m the guy who got thrown away like trash by anyone who’s ever claimed they loved me. And then I met a girl, a girl who changed my outlook on every single person on this planet. My dream girl. A girl I fell in love with.

“She convinced me that not everyone in this world is bad. So that I became the man who got down on one knee and I told that girl I wanted to start a family with her. I wanted to make a home with her. I wanted to have children with her. And, do you know what she did Bryan Danielson? She left me. She left me, Bryan.

“She left me because I’m unloveable and the only thing I have in this life that I can trust, the only thing I have in this world that makes me feel unconditional love is this Triple B. The AEW World Championship is the only thing stopping me grabbing a fist full of pills and calling it a day.”

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful noted on social media that MJF’s promo had a lot of truth to it and that he and his fiancée did split up:

“The MJF promo had a lot of truth to it. Normally wouldn’t cover that type of thing, but he and his fiancee did have a split as was referenced on tonight’s AEW Dynamite”

h/t WrestleTalk