MJF Wins AEW World Championship At Full Gear

mjf aew world champion

There’s a new AEW World Champion following the Full Gear pay-per-view after Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) defeated Jon Moxley in a controversial fashion.

The main event of AEW Full Gear on November 19th in Newark, New Jersey saw the challenger MJF get more crowd support than the champion, Jon Moxley. During the match, Moxley played off of that by doing some middle finger salutes to the crowd, which only made the fans want to see MJF win the match.

As the match progressed, there were two referee bumps. The first one happened when Moxley charged at MJF, who pulled referee Bryce Remsburg in front of him and that led to Moxley knocking him down. That led to MJF reaching into his trunks for the Dynamite Diamond Ring so that he could possibly cheat to win, but William Regal (who is part of the Blackpool Combat Club with Moxley) told MJF not to do it. After all, MJF said he was going to do it without using the ring.

A second referee, Paul Turner, also was involved in the match after the first referee was down, but he was knocked out of the ring after an inadvertent elbow from Moxley.

Moxley took down MJF with a Bulldog Choke submission, which led to MJF tapping out moments later. However, there was no referee there to see it. Regal told Moxley to get the referee. While Moxley did that, Regal slipped MJF the brass knuckles (Moxley never saw it) while Moxley was trying to get the referee Remsburg to get back up. When Moxley turned around, MJF punched Moxley in the face with the brass knuckles. MJF covered Moxley with one arm on the chest for the one…two…and three to become the new AEW World Champion! That dramatic moment with Regal helping MJF can be seen below.

After the match, announcer Tony Schiavone said that Regal sold his soul to The Devil, which is what MJF has been calling himself of late.

At 26 years old, MJF is the new AEW World Champion and also the youngest in company history. We will find out what’s next in this story with Regal turning on Moxley and perhaps an MJF celebration this coming Wednesday on Dynamite.