MJF Issues Statement Defending NXT Star That Was Fired In 2022


MJF has come to the defense of a friend of his that was fired due to a photo that was released online while that wrestler worked for WWE.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is known for not being shy about speaking his mind when he is given the microphone. The same can be said about how he uses Twitter since he likes to fire off insults at all times.

However, MJF has taken a different tone today by issuing a statement about former WWE NXT superstar Nash Carter, who was released by WWE in April 2022.

When Nash Carter (real name Zachary Green) was released by WWE, it came after his ex-wife Kimber Lee made claims about spousal abuse when they were married. She also posted a photo of Nash doing a Nazi salute while having an Adolf Hitler-like mustache on his face.

On Monday, MJF sent out multiple tweets about his friend Zachary Wentz (his current wrestling name) while making it clear that Zachary is not an antisemite. It should be noted that MJF is a proud Jewish wrestler.

“Part 1. Everyone’s afraid of talking honestly so I will.

.@ZacharyWentz isn’t a antisemite. I lived with him. The fact he’s not on TV right now because a girl (who got caught lying about abuse) couldn’t handle a break up and posted a photo of him doing something in jest is wild.”

“Part 2. When a wrestler who shall remain nameless keyed my car and called me a kike, Zachary went out of his way when everyone else turned a blind eye to check in on me.”

“The court of twitter can sometimes get dirtbags out of our industry. But the court isn’t always right.”

MJF would then go on to promote his upcoming AEW Dynamite match this coming Wednesday against Konosuke Takeshita. You can see the tweets below.