MJF Shuts Down Comparisons To Ex-WWE Star – “I’m Not A Racist”

MJF shrugging

AEW World Champion has flat-out refused to be compared to former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and noted that he is “not a racist” among several other things.

MJF has had AEW in the palm of his hand since the company’s inception, climbing through the ranks to become AEW World Champion by defeating Jon Moxley at Full Gear in November 2022.

Since then The Salt of The Earth has not let anyone forget his success and took his arrogance one step further by introducing his own Burberry-tinted title belt.

Now MJF has responded in his own inimitable style on social media to someone who dared to suggest that there were similarities between himself and the rich, scarf-wearing, title-winning, former WWE star Alberto Del Rio, taking Del Rio to task over some of the more unsavoury things has been accused of in recent years:

“Except I’m not a racist. An abuser. A bad promo. A poser. A bitch. And a drug addict. And an over rated wrestler.”

MJF will need to have his full focus on his upcoming title match at Revolution if he hopes to hang on to his title. The champion will defend the Big Burberry Belt in a sixty-minute Iron Man match against Bryan Danielson.