MJF & Sheamus In Social Media Spat


Former WWE Champion Sheamus has felt the full force of MJF’s ire as the two men engaged in a very public beef on social media.

AEW star and the number one contender to the AEW World Championship MJF is in no mood to joke around as WWE star Sheamus found out on social media with the two men exchanging barbs.

The issue began when Sheamus innocuously replied to Happy Corbin’s message about the PWI 500 but seemingly poked the bear as he mentioned scarf-wearing heels:

“Kayfabe bro, kayfabe… real heels wear scarfs.”

MJF issued a wither one-word response of “sad” to Sheamus’ Tweet but the Irish star used a famous GIF of his countryman, Conor McGregor, asking who another UFC fighter was at a press conference.

The AEW star was in no mood to joke around as he tore down Sheamus’ career achievements in a stinging message:

“The guy you alluded to. Stop now or I’m gonna devour you. You can rock 6 inch lifts and play top guy, but you’ve been handed the ball multiple times and fell. I’m glad you’re having a resurgence and finally figured out how to get over. It only took you a decade. Took me 1 day.”

MJF introduced the world to his “stable on retainer” on Dynamite as Stokely Hathaway, The Gunns, Lee Moriarty, Ethan Page, and W. Morrissey were introduced as The Firm.