MJF Sends Massive Thanks Following AEW All In

MJF at AEW All In, Wembley

MJF seems to be grateful to lots of people following AEW All In, and wants them to get plenty of praise.

AEW All In was a flagship event for the company, getting over 81,000 paid fans inside Wembley Stadium for the biggest show in their history. The event was headlined by MJF successfully defending his World Championship against Adam Cole, after the pair had captured the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Championships from Aussie Open earlier in the night.

Whilst the event has now been marred with controversy due to the altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry, the event itself can be classed as a success for the company and wrestling in the United Kingdom – with a return date already set for next year.

“Thank Them As Much As The Wrestlers”

Many have been surprised to see the nicer side of MJF in recent weeks, but this streak has continued this evening with a message thanking those who make the show happen.

Taking to social media platform X, Friedman has made sure that everyone should get the credit they deserve for making such a historic event happen.

ALL IN simply doesn’t happen without (that mark) TK, our production team, medical, coaches, props department, social media team, ring crew, camera men, merch team, makeup team, tailors, travel Team, security team, seamstresses, ring announcers, legal department, commentators, referees, and everyone in between. Make sure to thank them as much as you thank the wrestlers. But obviously and most importantly, thank me again because I deserve it. #BetterThanYouBayBay

Thought quickly turn to this Sunday, where AEW present All Out. Whilst nothing could be confirmed for MJF or Cole before the outcome at Wembley, there will no doubt be something to do when the company head to Chicago.