MJF Reportedly Told WWE Talent He Might Go There In 2024

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The AEW World Champion MJF is apparently talking to WWE wrestlers about wanting to work there next year, but it could all be for fun.

When it comes to the AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (better known by his initials MJF), he often says things that are very much in character even when he’s away from the camera. That’s important to note in a story like this.

A new report from Fightful Select has made it clear that WWE is interested in MJF when his contract is up. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since Maxwell is a self-proclaimed “generational talent” who is the youngest AEW World Champion in history that’s 26 years old (he turns 27 on March 15th). Considering his age, his promo ability especially, and his improved performance in the ring, it’s easy to see why a wrestling company would want him.

With regards to MJF’s contract status, the brash AEW World Champion has said many times that his deal is up in January 2024. He usually calls it the “Bidding War of 2024” as his way of saying that AEW could be in a bidding war with WWE to sign him to a contract. Whether it’s absolutely true is not known because MJF could have signed an AEW contract extension, but as Fightful notes, they have “absolutely zero confirmation” about when MJF’s current contract ends.

The story goes on to note that a WWE talent told them that MJF said “I’m looking forward to being there in 2024” with “there” being a reference to WWE. The talent told Fightful that they take it with a grain of salt, which is another way of saying it could be a false statement. Other talents apparently have heard of MJF saying it as well.

It is believed that WWE “obviously” has an interest in Friedman if his AEW contract does expire and if he does want to move on from AEW. Fightful adds that “we haven’t heard from anyone who has actually heard from MJF that he’s extended his contract, though it’s assumed by many.”

As the report concluded, Fightful made it clear they have no confirmation regarding MJF’s actual contract expiration date or if he’s signed an extension on the deal.

No word on if the WWE talent Max told this to was Liv Morgan, with who he has taken a photo with in the past.

Liv Morgan

Maxwell Jacob Friedman will defend the AEW World Title at the Revolution pay-per-view this Sunday, March 5th against Bryan Danielson in San Francisco.