MJF Unveils New AEW World Title Before Shocking Attack On William Regal

MJF middle finger

MJF called the old AEW World Championship belt “garbage” before attacking the man who helped him win at AEW Full Gear!

The November 30th episode of AEW Dynamite saw MJF make his first appearance in the company since winning the AEW World Championship at Full Gear with the assistance of William Regal’s brass knuckles. Addressing those he called “poors” in Indianapolis, the champion first explained how his alliance with Regal came about ahead of Full Gear.

According to Friedman, Regal sent him an email after The Firm’s attack, calling back to the email he sent when MJF first tried out with WWE. In the email, Regal said that Max could be not just a villain, but the greatest villain of all time – but in order to become AEW Champion, he shouldn’t use the Dynamite ring; instead, he must grab the brass one.

Continuing, the champion said that he and Regal met secretly for weeks, and that the former Blackpool Combat Club leader wanted his new ally to use the brass knuckles instead of the Dynamite Diamond Ring to teach Jon Moxley a “lesson in the form of an emotional scar so he’d never forget the day he was outsmarted by MJF.”

After briefly addressing The Firm, MJF turned his attention to his AEW World Championship belt, saying that he was above the design he called “garbage.” The new champion said that he promised he would make changes when he became champion and in the spirit of “out with the old, in with the new,” the belt desperately needed an upgrade, especially because it reminds him of all the men who held it before. He then unveiled a new version of the title with a Burberry design on the leather strap.

Running down popular roster members like Eddie Kingston, Ricky Starks, and the man he called a “fake wrestler” Bryan Danielson, MJF declared that as long as he was in AEW, no one else will know what it’s like to be on top, because he intends to be champion until the Bidding War of 2024.

After telling William Regal how much he respects him, the new champion took his brand new title belt and shockingly attacked the veteran from behind as commentary reminded audiences of Regal’s previous health problems that include neck injury and bleeding on the brain.

As Regal lay unmoving on the ground, his attacker addressed him, chastising him for his “deal with the devil.”

“It’s funny, you said I had much to learn and yet you’re the one who made a deal with the devil. So allow me to leave you with the same words you left me seven long years ago: Will, the game has changed. MJF exclusively hires top talents or top world class athletes. When you’re one of them, send me your stuff. Yours sincerely, the World Champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.”

William Regal was placed in a neck brace and removed from the arena in a stretcher as MJF continued to gloat, showing no remorse for his actions.

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