MJF Names One Place He Has “Zero Interest” In Visiting


MJF might think his casino ladder match chip is taking him to the AEW World Title but where does the star have absolutely “zero interest” in visiting?

MJF returned to AEW television at All Out, first appearing early in the night as a mysterious masked man who was handed the chip to win the casino ladder match by Stokely Hathaway. While everyone was confused by this move, things became clear by the end of the show when the devil revealed himself and confronted the then-AEW World Champion, CM Punk.

Now it’s Jon Moxley that is AEW World Champion and MJF has his sights set on him and the title he calls Pretty Platinum after declaring that he’s cashing in his chip at Full Gear.

MJF has already described his explicit plans for what he’ll do if he wins the title but will he take a trip to celebrate? Las Vegas maybe while his luck holds? Rome to live la dolce vita as campione del mondo? Disneyworld even, surely the Salt of the Earth loves the Magic Kingdom? Well, there’s one place MJF says on social media that he has zero interest in visiting and that’s Bonnie Scotland.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is honestly saying that he’d happily spend the rest of his life never experiencing the roaring beauty of the Highlands, the unspoilt beaches of the Western Isles, the hustle and bustle of Glasgow, the architecture and majesty of Edinburgh, the castles and spectacular cliffs of the Banff and Buchan coast.

And MJF clearly has no idea about what he’s missing if he never sets foot in the real most magical place in the world – the glorious Kingdom of Fife. From Scotland’s newest city, Dunfermline in the west, to the home of golf (and money) St Andrews in the east, surrounded by miles and miles of the best coastline on the planet in the East Neuk. And to think some people want to cheer him.