MJF Made Specific Request For Huge AEW Match

mjf aew world champion scarf

MJF revealed that he requested a huge match against a top AEW star and that wish was granted for him.

It was at AEW Full Gear in November 2022 when Maxwell Jacob Friedman became the youngest World Champion in All Elite Wrestling history.

A lot of things have changed in the one year since MJF won his first World Title, including how the fans perceive him. While MJF won his AEW World Title as the top heel in the company, he has become the top babyface in AEW who admits that while he is still a scumbag, he’s a scumbag for the fans.

In October, AEW and MJF mentioned that he was closing in on the longest World Title reign record held by Kenny Omega, which was 346 days. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, MJF spoke about his goals in AEW while also complimenting Omega.

“I want to be the best AEW champion. The only other person that came up in my mind was Kenny Omega. Here I was coming up on his reign, so I decided I needed to start needling this f**king guy. I needed to prove I am the most complete world champion in the history of AEW. Kenny is the best bout machine.”

“Jon Moxley is this incredible brawler. Chris Jericho is an incredible linguist. All these guys are superb at a lot of things. But I can do it all. I can make you feel any feeling I want you to feel.”

MJF Requested AEW World Title Match With Kenny Omega

On the October 28th edition of Collision, AEW presented the biggest match in Collision history as MJF defended the AEW World Title against Kenny Omega in a spectacular main event match.

During his interview with Sports Illustrated, Friedman admitted that it was his idea to have the match with Omega with SI noting that the champion “encouraged” AEW’s Owner & General Manager Tony Khan to book the match.

“I wanted a match with Kenny Omega, the best in the world in a pay-per-view main event–but on free television because I’m salt of the earth.

That is the best match in Collision history, and it’s one of the best matches in AEW history. It was a really big deal for the company, and it really felt like the handing of the baton of who the top dog, bell-to-bell is in AEW. I couldn’t be more grateful that Kenny gave me that opportunity.”

MJF won that match against Omega as his title reign closes in on one year. At AEW Full Gear on November 18th, MJF he faces Jay White for the AEW World Title that White stole over a month ago.